“to dwell in the past is depression… the dwell in the future is anxiety… to dwell in the present is peace.”

Epiphanies that induce endorphins to flow through your veins and make your heart flutter.

A single thought or idea, without any outside physical trigger, can change the way you feel.


The mind is unbelievable and powerful.

I recently read a book that changed my life. Seriously.

Actually, i have read several books that have changed my life.

but something has been constantly thrown into my lane of thought lately is being present.

I am starting to think it is the cure to everything.

It’s why people do yoga… why people get massages… why people take baths.. why people are intimate with eachother.. kissing and ya know… other things.

It is why we pray…

being present in the moment.

I know that to stop an anxiety attack in it’s tracks you need to focus and breathe. AKA become present in the moment. Do not be jaded by the thoughts and worries of what is coming.

Something I have developed over time is the ability to stay pretty calm in the face of chaos….. Other people’s chaos.

If I have no say in it or I can not change what is going to happen… then I let it happen without worry. because ive learned that if its gunna suck then let it suck and let it be terrible when it happens. if you worry too much beforehand you ruin those few moments of peace that you can never get back.

I am a firm believer in the saying “everything will be ok.”

I usually tell myself “it could be way worse.”

and it works 99 percent of the time when i feel myself starting to get upset about things that I can not change.

and i let it happen because…. well….what else am i gunna do?

DO you wanna feel happy?

do you actually want to?

Of course you do.

Whether you know it or not… you want to be happy.

I don’t know why I ever let my mind trick me into thinking that being sad feels better than being happy.

Stop. Breathe in and breathe out. slowly.

NOTICE EVERYTHING about that moment. notice your face muscles tense up… relax them. Notice how heavy you feel on the earth. notice how soft your sweater feels… how sweet your dessert is… how wonderful the flowers on your table smell…. how detailed the architecture in the room is… the feeling of your arms around someone you love….  notice everything that you can.

once you do this… you can’t help but feel grateful.
feel better, feel happy.
feel peaceful because… well…. honestly that is all we want.

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