primary food : joy


but like, what is joy exactly?

Joy is a little different than happiness… by my definition. 

Happiness is more long-lasting and is more of a stable mindset. It has been defined as “the joy you feel striving towards your potential.”  

Joy comes in waves, fleeting moments where you feel like bursting with contentment and pleasure.    

Personally, for me, this is the most important Primary Food.  

Joy, play, peace, whatever you want to call it. Moments of being fully PRESENT. 

You know the moments I’m talking about…

Dancing around in the kitchen, goofing off with your kids, singing & performing for your mirror, playing fetch with your dog, sitting on the beach & watching the waves, singing at the top of your lungs in the car with your friends, jumping on a trampoline, seriously the list goes on & on… 💕 
This is why people LOVE DOGS. They live purely for the moment. 🐶 They are not worried about the past or future. All they care about is the ball, the treat, or the exciting task at hand. When you are playing with your dog (or your little kids!) you momentarily forget about every stress and worry. A little light is sparked inside your heart & you’re not even thinking about it!  

For those brief moments you return to that carefree mindset of silliness & peace. You forget about your existence and just simply EXIST. 

What are some moments of joy in your life? How often do they happen? Do you seek out these moments or purposefully shove them aside because you “have much more important” things to do?  

If you’re having a sh*ttyday or you just feel like a grump… try to do a handstand, get in a tickle fight with your boo (with their consent of course), roll down the windows and blast your favorite song no matter how embarrassing it is, make silly faces at yourself in the mirror, do SOMETHING that makes you laugh. I promise you will instantly have a better day.

These moments of genuine joy are VITAL to your well being & overall health.  Joy LITERALLY can heal your body. It releases endorphins & gets rid of harmful toxins. Your mood shifts, you feel positive, and life doesn’t look so crappy after all. 

In that moment of Joy, you are brought back to your non-judgmental, childlike mindset. Let’s strive to find more joy in life, in the little things, and in each other.  

xo Chelsey

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