wedding bells

chelsey jade curtis, here!

that’s right guys, I picked up a new last name. Just one of the many perks of getting married.
We got married April 16th, 2016 in the Gilbert, AZ. The place where both of us grew up.

We were engaged for a little over 4 months… i know, i know….. too short…. or too long…. depends on who ya ask.

SO i had 4 months to put together a wedding, with the help of my mom, of course.

It had it’s bumps…. but it was mostly just the most fun thing in the world to plan. Because the end result was 1000000% worth every second of the planning… and i just like planning and lists and stuff anyways (OCD)

So, if you were there I hope you enjoyed yourself and I hope the rest of this post brings back positive memories!

If you couldn’t make it but you sent us cards, gifts, or just good vibes thanks SO MUCH for the support and love!……. or if you don’t even know me… well here is just a glimpse of our special day!

The day started out by driving to the venue early that morning around 8 am.

We had the most beautiful venue… and it was sent to us from heaven. Our friend Navey Baker knew I wanted a desert wedding and had an aunt who just so happened to live on the border of the state park in the San Tan Mountains.

A beautiful, unique styled, isolated home with the backyard of my dreams, facing the San Tan mountains.

We got there, I had my hair done by the wonderful Harley Chapman who made all my hair dreams come true.

While I was getting pampered… my mom, my bridesmaids, some family and some friends started working to put the final last decorations up.

I did my own makeup… yes, I know everyone told me not to… especially because I’m certainly no make up artist…

but I’m a very picky person… and I figured I wanted to keep it simple enough and only I knew exactly how I liked my make up to be done… am I a control freak? maybe.

The night before our wedding, amongst the prep, Nick and I met and gave each other letters and little gifts to open the next day. He gave me the most beautiful pearl ring and the sweetest most heartfelt letter. Really got my tear ducts ready for the day. (Not to mention his handwriting is impeccable.)

Then it was breakfast with my bridesmaids and then off to the temple with my lovely momma!

We got sealed in the Gilbert, AZ temple at 1:30 pm.

It was so beautiful and I just remember looking around and seeing friends and family and then the man of my absolute dreams next to me. How could I not get teary eyed… I felt like the room was just filled with this insane amount of joy and peace.

Then we snapped a couple pics outside (luckily the weather that day was PERFECT) and headed to the Venue for the rest of the evening’s celebrations!


As soon as we arrived people were working their butt’s off to get everything ready! So many helping hands everywhere, I felt so loved and grateful!

I also remember looking at Nick and not being able to stop or be away from him for more than 10 seconds. I just wanted to hold his hand, touch him, hug him, kiss him and just be by him because HELLO he was my new husband!!!! and he looked so d*ng handsome.

Dinner was set up and ready and everyone took their seats.

*cue tears*

WOW, our dinner was amazing…. & i’m not just talkin’ bout the food.

Nick’s parents and sister spoke…

My parent’s, two older brothers and sister spoke…

Nick’s best man, Kelley and my best friend Jaci both spoke.

Cried during every one. Laughed during every one. Again my heart was just overflowing I felt so loved and grateful.

And even more grateful for Nick.

I thought the day surely couldn’t get ANY better…. but I was wrong. It did.

Tyson French, who I’m honored to say is one of my close friends, took all of our wedding pictures that day and not only is he THE most hilarious person you will ever meet, he is so crazy talented.

My guests all loved him and he captured everything so perfectly. Not only that but he also helped with setting up, decorated the cakes and helped with so much. (Thanks a million Ty!!!!!)

SO then we took the bridal party pictures just as the sun was setting over the mountain and it was beautiful.

then the party started!!

We didn’t do a line (best decision) and just made our rounds to talk to everyone! I was happy we did it this way because I got to walk around the reception and see everything I had put some much effort into planning!

We had lots of chips, crackers, pita, different hummus, dips, fruits and veggies. The best hummus that you can only get at the farmer’s market in Gilbert (and luckily San Diego which is where I happen to live now and go every week to get my restock).

I felt like I met a million people that night….. but I loved every second of it. And mostly I was just focused on Nick… I just couldn’t contain my excitement and love for him! it was skyrocketing! and so pure and peaceful.

I’m a vegan, I know how annoying…. So I found the perfect little bakehouse and she was a magician!

Our cakes were all vegan and THEY TASTED AMAZING. (yes, it is possible to be both vegan and good.)

She also provided the cupcakes which were not vegan but just as scrumptious. I think my 14 year old brother had 12.

We cut the cake, had our first dance to “and I love her” by the Beatles and we had the lovely Mckenna Breinholt sing it live for us.

Then I danced with my cute dad and Nick danced with his lovely mother, I tossed my bouquet annnnnddddd Nick would have tossed my garter but I forgot to bring it HAHA so we ditched that part which was fine by me because we kinda lost track of time anyways… hahaha and my dad wasn’t too big of a fan of the idea of that part anyways LOL


then everyone danced until we couldn’t dance no more!!

Then the end of the night rolled around and it was time for me and nick to get the freak out of there!

…. which was maybe the funniest part of the night….

Leif Carlson was our videographer for the day and did an UNREAL job on our wedding video (click this link to watch it) and was wanting a shot of us in the photo booth bus!

So Nick and I get in and started taking pictures, and suddenly my mom comes up and is like, “Ok, we’re ready!”

we were like “wait wh…”

Then we step out of the bus and everyone somehow already has a candle and is lined up ready for us to walk out of there!

Our car is somehow already ready for us at the end and everything!

We’re like oh, ok…. guess we’re leaving!….

SO we walk down, everyone’s cheering and we run and get in the car and start driving away..

when all of sudden we realize… we left our phones… our honeymoon suitcases and just about everything else back at the Venue….. we were going to grab some food before we left and were starving.

We start dying laughing like “did we just get kicked out of our own reception?”

We turned around and drove right back to get our stuff and it gave us a chance to say thank you to everyone who was cleaning up and helping and to say bye to our family’s.

We drove away (for real this time) not being able to wipe the huge smile’s from our faces. It was the perfect day and everything we could have ever dreamed of!! All thanks to our family and friends.

Venue: Baker Home in the San Tan Mountains

Flowers: Me, with help from my bridesmaids! (Jaci made all the flower crowns for my bridesmaids & Jaci’s mom, Jill and her friend, Minda put together my arch!)

Hair: Harley Chapman

Dress: My mom’s! (just altered NOT to have 80’s sleeves….)

Photography: Tyson French

Videography: Leif Carlson

DJ: Travis Stakebake

Live Performer: Mckenna Breinholt

Photo Booth: Cruisin’ Photo Bus

Hummus: Majestic Sprouted Hummus

Cakes/Cupcakes: Sift Bakehouse

Special thank you to my extended family who came and helped with the food and clean up! THANK YOUUUU!!!!

Special shoutout to the Curtis’ for putting on the wedding dinner of my dreams and one that i will never forget! Lori went above and beyond with everything and was such a fantastic help.

and a million thank you’s to my Mom for doing basically everything and running around making the magic happen and dealing with my bridezilla-ness. She is wonder woman.

and my last and biggest thank you goes to my husband who not only STILL married me after dealing with my 4 months of hectic wedding planning craziness… but who is everything I could have ever hoped for in a husband and in a best friend… and who has provided me with the best life I could ask for.  I won the husband lotto.

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