A Balanced Life

Dr. Oz once said “people fear change… but what that really means is… people are scared of no longer being loved.”

In this life, which we only have one of, we are given so many aspects that contribute to what we have come to call ‘happiness‘.

It is that essential thing we are all looking for whether we know it or not. The problem is most of the time we don’t know where to look. We look for it in popularity, money, likes on social media, sex, or other pleasurable places. The problem with that is it is not sustainable. These things all release that dopamine in your brain and gives you those moments of ‘satisfaction’. But even if you “sustain” these things your whole life… there is that voice in the back of your mind that taunts you, “if this were all to be gone, if you lost it all… what would you be left with? You would be all alone.”

Loneliness is crippling. In all aspects of the word. We as humans CRAVE love. We seek pleasure, we avoid pain. This includes love for ourselves not only love from others.

Then why do we find ourselves falling into a cycle of self sabotage? If all we really want is love then why do we keep ourselves from finding it?

The answer again is fear, the fear of trying and failing… the fear of making yourself vulnerable then being rejected.

It’s a harsh world out there. I believe that the only way to find true happiness and bliss is to create in within ourselves. We each have a power within us, a “force to create”. With our actions, thoughts, and words we have the power to create a beautiful world that we get to live in all the time… we also have the power to destroy and sabotage everything around us. It’s up to us to shape the kind of world we want to live in.

One way we can do this is through our “Primary Food”. These are the areas of our life that create balance and peace. If we are “well fed” in these areas, our life starts to feel whole and we feel our mind and body start to synchronize again.

Primary Foods include:




physical activity

social life


home environment




home cooking



We must bring all of these areas into balance in order to bring joy and satisfaction into our lives. Doing so fulfills our hunger for life!

A happy life is a balanced life!

Imagine placing a dot in each section in the pie chart above… a dot closer to the center means highly dissatisfied and a dot near the outside of the circle means highly satisfied with that area of your life….

Now connect those dots.

What areas are you fulfilled in? Where are you starving yourself?

I am DEFINITELY not an expert when it comes to accomplishing this. No one really is… but the more aware you are of who you are and what your heart really wants… it’s a lot easier to take those scary steps towards the life you want to live. It is never too late to focus and start creating beauty all around you.

Health is so personal. It is different for everyone. We are each individuals and there is no “one size fits all” diet or lifestyle.

Follow along as I go more in depth with each category and hopefully share some tips on how to bring each area of your life into balance the way your body and mind craves it to be!