20 Tips to Become Vegan

I’ve have been getting a lot of texts, emails, calls, etc. from family and friends who have recently watched “What The Health.”   They all basically ask me the same thing… how to get started! They want to try it out but are hesitant to take the plunge… (hint: Veganism is really not scary.. at…

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“to dwell in the past is depression… the dwell in the future is anxiety… to dwell in the present is peace.” Epiphanies that induce endorphins to flow through your veins and make your heart flutter. A single thought or idea, without any outside physical trigger, can change the way you feel. Powerful. The mind is…

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Watermelon Juice

Summer is comin’. I feel it and my farmers tan is coming in, in all it’s glory! Summer is really freaking great for millions of reasons. ’tis the season of hydration! Watermelon is comin’ out of the woodwork and I am oh so ready. SO we are go, the sweet summer staple for all your…

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